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The Centre for Lifelong Learning promotes and facilitates continuing, home- and workplace-based individual, group and community lifelong learning by enhancing knowledge technology transfer partnerships, between CEES, Makerere University and communities and organisations in Uganda and internationally.

Programmes and their Mode of Delivery

  1. Certificate in Project Planning and Management (PPM)
  2. Certificate in Strategic Management and logistics Management (SPLM)
  3. Certificate in Public Administration and Management (BAM)
  4. Certificate in Guidance and Counseling (G&C)
  5. Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  6. Certificate in Data and Records Management (DRM)
  7. Certificate in Computer Applications (CA)
  8. Certificate in Peace Building and Conflict Management (PBCM)
  9. Certificate in Computerized and Conflict Management (Comp A)
  10. Certificate in Educational Planning, Management and Leadership (EPML)
  11. Certificate in Administrative Law (AL)
  12. Certificate in Health Care Management (HCM)

In addition to tailor-made courses intended to suit the identified needs of a given client, we also offer One Year National Certificates and Two Years National Diplomas in Collaboration with UNEB and UBTEB in the following areas:

  1.  Public Administration and Management
  2. Business Administration and Management
  3. Business Studies
  4. Purchasing and Supplies Management; and  
  5. Accountancy